We are the only agency to guarantee profitable campaigns.

We are the only agency in the world that can guarantee profitable ad campaigns. This will be clearly written in our agreement, therefore you won’t have any risk working with us.

Only with Gigaleads you can start advertising without any risk.

Mike Jan Smid

Marketing Consultant​

How we do this

To ensure our guarantee is profitable for both parties, we go far for your results by offering the following services.

Photo- and videographer

To ensure we have proper content that fits the makreting plan, we send our own photo- and videographer to your location to shoot the best marketing materials your company has ever seen.

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Clear reporting

We provide weekly, easy to understand reports so that everyone is aware of the campaign status. This also provides our team with clear action points and motivates us to always give 200%.

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Always reachable

Our team is based around the world to ensure we can work around the clock and be reachable at all times. We believe that every minute we put in, will be returned at least twice.

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  • More than leads

No sh*tleads, but real buyers.

There are lots of agencies that offer a guarantee on a certain amount of leads (or no guarantee at all), but we’re different; we guarantee profitable campaigns. Because a lead without revenue, isn’t worth a dime to you. Oh, and, you are the one calculating your profits, because we trust our clients.

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  • Never buy leads again

Our leads want to buy, not compare.

We don’t sell leads to multiple parties. That means you don’t have to sell at the lowest price to win a lead. We generate leads that want quality services and really want to buy from your business, not your competitor.

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Within one year we have grown from €0 to €200K.

We practice what we preach. Do you want to grow with us?

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You already know our clients.

These international brands and government agencies trust us, why won’t you?

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Hoe we dit doen?

Wij zijn geen Bobex of Solvari. Wij komen persoonlijk langs om foto’s en video’s te schieten, maken daarna landingspagina’s en advertenties in de naam van jouw bedrijf. Onze leads wachten echt op een telefoontje van jou, niet van je concurrentie.

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Door de hoge vraag naar onze diensten gaan alle aanvragen vooraf aan een screening. Sommige afspraken worden geannuleerd.

Mike Jan Smid

Marketing Consultant​