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2 Having no leads means having no customers. Having no customers means no sale. No sales mean no revenue. No revenue means your business is an inch away from closing down.

Do you have the same problems as other marketers when it comes to online lead generation

Having no leads means having no customers. Having no customers means no sale. No sales mean no revenue. No revenue means your business is an inch away from closing down.

HubSpot says that 61% of marketers today face the challenge of generating high-quality leads through online lead generation..

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re part of that 61%. You might be searching for ways to get leads, or maybe you’re trying to find better traffic for your website and turn it into a sale.

Whatever the case may be, I’ll share with you some of the best ways to generate leads online. Then you can use it to boost the sales in your business.

Before we start, I want you to know the things you need to avoid in the process of obtaining leads.

  1. Buying Leads
  2. Not having a clear call to action
  3. Poor implementation
  4. Not understanding buyers pain points
  5. Not testing different channels
  6. Too long or short Form
  7. Not nurturing leads
  8. No clearly planning
  9. Not segmenting leads
  10. Not being consistent

With that out of that way, let’s get started!

Content Marketing Strategies for online lead generation

Content marketing strategies

The data investigated by the Content Marketing Institute have shown that 91% of business-to-business organizations use content marketing to drive their lead generation. Also, content marketing is three times more effective than traditional marketing, and that is according to DemandMetric.

Here are some content marketing strategies that you can use:

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is a cheap and effective way of reaching a wider audience, increasing your company’s brand awareness about what products or services you are offering. A recent IAB report states that online ad spend has seen consistent growth and is projected to overtake print. This strategy is one of the best ways for online lead generation.

Start a blog

Creating a blog is one great way to rank your business using a targeted keyword. This will build interest in your products or services, create brand awareness and increase the traffic on your website. If you find this task challenging, consider hiring an online freelancer.

Be active online by posting comments or suggestions on websites that share your current niche.

Posting comments or suggestions on websites that have the same niche as your business will help you increase brand awareness and website traffic. This will help you establish that you’re also in the game and drive new audiences to your website.

Build Lead Magnets

Creating lead magnets is one of the best ways to acquire the contact details of prospects in exchange for E-books or Webinars.

Contribute answers on Quora

Quora has over 300 million monthly users and can be a great platform to establish yourself and your business, by being a thought leader, by contributing answers to questions related to your niche.

Webinar Hosting

It is essential to engage with the people who are already interested in what you’re offering. Hosting a webinar will provide you with that opportunity.

You can provide your audience with downloadable resources, invite them to future events, and run a survey regarding their experience after your webinar is done.

Also, co-hosting with industry leaders that share the same niche as you will also increase your audience reach.

Create videos

Today, the second most popular search engine in the world is YouTube. With its 1.5 billion monthly users, you’re missing a lot of potential buyers if you are not publishing a video.

Including a link to your website in the description of your video will totally help drive your website’s traffic.

Start a podcast

A podcast can give you the same reward as having a webinar. People who willingly listen to you are already interested in what you’re offering. You can turn those people into leads by sending them to your landing page.

Email Marketing Strategies for online lead generation

Email Marketing Strategies

Active e-mail accounts in the year 2019 are currently at 5.6 billion, according to Statista.

One of the best ways to do online lead generation is through Email Marketing. If you’re looking to attract a stranger, promote your product or service, or you’re just trying to nurture a lead, you can do it with Email Marketing. 

Also, many marketers believe that emails are significant assets that can help you reach your lead-generating goals. Here are some strategies that you can follow:

Find the correct person to send the email to

First off, you need to ensure that the email address you’ll be sending your message to is the correct person. Nowadays, you won’t be able to get a reply from an email address that looks like this: [email protected]. You need to reach for their personal email address.

Value Offering

Give the reader a clear and attractive value by including an offer. They can get a free e-book from you, showing them a guide on accomplishing a current problem. This will make them loyal to you.

Deliver a killer subject line 

Make sure that the subject line is something enticing, something that will pique their curiosity. Something that will make your prospects open your email.

Separate the list you have for your leads and customers

You need to make sure that your leads and customer list are separated. Using your CRM, you can send emails based on your customer’s interest, and you can also do it with your prospects. Making sure that you send directed emails using your customers’ or prospects’ interests will definitely help you build relationships with them.

Create an Email Series

Creating an email series from welcoming new prospects to the time you’ll be offering your products to them will help you make things easier. You’re too smart to focus on sending emails; let the computer do that for you.

Create an Email Signature

Do not forget to make an email signature. Aside from letting people know your name, it’s also a great way to redirect people to your blog posts or landing page.

Things to Remember:

There are 3 essential factors when it comes to email marketing that will measure its success rate:

  1. Open rate
  2. Click through rate also known as CTR
  3. Unsubscribe

To have high lead counts, your campaign needs to have a high open-rate and CTR. Additionally, you need to make sure that your unsubscribe rate is low. If not, you might need to change your campaign.

SEO Strategies for online lead generation

SEO Strategies

According to Web Presence Solutions, the total organic traffic from Google is at the rate of 94%. With that in mind, a business owner who won’t consider this fact is and won’t use it to his advantage is doomed to fail.

Whenever people would have any kind of inquiry, they would automatically go to Google and search for answers. With this in mind, businesses are presented with the opportunity to target the user’s keyword usage. In return, this will provide value and convert that user into a lead.

If your website could get the top position on Google or if it just shows up on the first page, then your website will get the most organic traffic. This will give you the long-term benefits of a steady stream of essential traffic on your website.

Here are some SEO strategies that you can use:

Know your Audience

Make a buyer model. To help you target people in a more personalized way, you need to know your target’s age, challenges, and interests. 

Determine target keywords

Create a list of keywords that your target audience uses to search for your products or services.

Optimize the technical side of SEO

You need to make sure that your website is optimized so that search engine bots would find it easy to index your website. This will make sure that you can rank in search engines.

Monitor your rankings

You need to pay close attention to how you perform on the web. You need to know which keyword drives more traffic onto your website and what keyword is not. After you have investigated that, you need to optimize that keyword to make it more effective in the future.

Search for errors

By using the Google search console, you can check if there are any errors on your website. If you see one, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

Provide clear instructions on what your website visitor should do next

Provide clear instructions by having website visitors sign up to your mailing list, download a product trial, download an e-book, or a case study.

Important things to avoid:
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Link Schemes
  • Automatically generated content
  • Spamming

Social Media Strategies for online lead generation

Social Media Strategies

Everybody is on social media. It’s a sin not to use this great platform to engage with people that may be interested in what you’re offering.

In 2018, Facebook reported that it had already amassed 1.47 billion active users. Where Instagram has 1 billion, and LinkedIn at 610 million members.

Marketing Proof research said that LinkedIn proved to be a better platform for generating business-to-business leads. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are the media to go to for generating business-to-customer leads.

Here are some Social Media strategies that you can use:

Use chatbots

Chatbots can produce warm leads and start automatic conversations quickly. Pre-program a discussion, and you’re good to go.


You can collect more reviews on your page, invite people to sign up for your newsletter, and provide a call to action on your profile or on your posts on Facebook. You can also start a following by creating your own Facebook group! Utilizing Facebook to market and connect with an audience will definitely drive their interest in your products or services.


Following hashtags that are well under your niche, promoting viral tweets (should also be related to your niche), or trying to find an influencer that can mention will help you generate buzz on the Twittersphere. You can also create your own hashtags that further promote your brand.


Taking advantage of LinkedIn Ads is one way, but connecting with prospects on LinkedIn through joining and participating in groups, messaging them, and posting or sharing relevant video or content will surely drive interest in your brand.


Going live on Instagram about big announcements, releasing a product teaser, or having Q&A sessions will surely help you make your mark. To help people take action, do not forget to leave a link to your website on your bio or any posts you create. 

Also, building a following is one great way to make your brand known. Do this by creating value by posting images and engaging people by running a contest.


Design niche-related boards and should contain CTAs through images.


Make YouTube videos that would contain your brand’s CTAs. Also, make sure to provide your website in the video’s description.

Paid Media Strategies

It would take for SEO to show results. That’s why if you’re looking for something that will give you the fruits of your labor faster, you can look at paid advertising. Also, you can use relevant keywords on the ads themselves.

Businesses make double the revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads, and this is according to WordStream. The average cost per click or CPC in Google Ads in all industries is $2.29 on the search option and $0.63 on display.

Also, according to EMarketer, just this year, the video advertising world grew to a whopping $22 billion industry.

Here are some Paid Media Strategies you can use:

Advertising on social media

You can target a specific audience based on their search results, interest, and demographics on Facebook Ads. If you’re looking for B2B leads, you can go with LinkedIn Ads and if you’re looking to use targeted keywords, you can use Google Ads.

Show up on websites that are not your competitors

Have a deal with a fellow business owner that isn’t your direct competitor that is already doing well. Trade ad spaces with them. 

Show up on Media Sites

Contact media outlets and lease ad spaces on their website to boost your ads.

Affiliate Marketing

This process would need you to let go of the wheel and let someone else drive. It is a strategy on which somebody, like an influencer, gets a commission by promoting or advertising the products and services that you offer.


Remarketing is about targeting those people that visited your landing page but didn’t convert into a lead. You can do this by reminding users about your current offers and promos.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers have a huge reach and a single suggestion from them about using your products or services could drive your leads and sales to the roof.

Website Optimization Strategies for online lead generation

Website Optimization Strategies

Your website is the place where you create and show your first impression.

If your website has a user-friendly description of the products or services you offer, is accessible, gives valuable information, gives opportunities to sign up, and provides contact information, then, congratulations, it will help you generate leads!

Considering the stats provided by Sweor, 57% of all phone users will not recommend a website or business if their mobile website is designed poorly or unresponsive.

Here are some Website Optimization Strategies you can use:

Use Google Analytics 

Google Analytics will help you take a look at the demographic of the people that visit your website. You can use this information to optimize your website to have these visitors converted into leads. 

Use Google Webmaster

Fix broken pages accordingly by using Google webmaster tools to identify technical errors. Remember, a working website is a lead-generating website.

Mobile phone Friendly

Almost everybody now has a mobile phone – even a five-year-old! With that said, your website needs to be mobile-friendly to give your website visitors a user-friendly experience.

Utilize keywords

Utilizing keywords can help people search for a specific product or service to get to your website. You can search for effective keywords on Google Analytics and take a look at the keywords your direct competitors use using Google Keyword Planner.

Build quality backlinks

Creating quality backlinks will increase your website’s authority and help you rank higher in search engines.

Using pop-ups

Using pop-ups on your website such as slide-ins, opt-ins, sidebar widgets, floating footer bars will definitely increase your sales.

Marketing Automation for online lead generation

Marketing Automation Strategies

Automating your marketing efforts will put you in auto-pilot mode. Be it about email marketing, nurturing or, just simply qualifying leads. It will also help you receive the right content based on your audience’s interests. Also, with automation, it will be effortless to personalize.

Here are some Marketing Automation Strategies you can use:

To identify leads, use lead generation tools.

To automatically send emails, any time and any day, use email marketing tools.

To schedule and post on social media without doing it manually, use tools like Buffer or MeetEdgar.

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