Enst Adviesgrouep BV supports big companies by helping them optimize their energy consumption by bringing different power-saving solutions such as solar panel installation, maintenance contracts, heat pumps, infrared panels, and LED lighting installation. They also help with the application of subsidies provided by the government to help make businesses more energy efficient.

Enst Adviesgrouep BV has a motivated team of sales representatives that help schedule daily appointments with large-scale companies through cold acquisition.

What they do is to help these companies apply for certain subsidies. These subsidies will then help process a claim for a financial scheme for solar panels without investing independently.

Our approach


Ernst Adviesgroep BV takes in clients with company premises over 250m². Their target group is specific and is often challenging to get in touch with. We had agreed on an advertising budget of 100 euros per lead before we started working together – this has to be done to create a realistic goal setting before beginning the process.

Our team started with a target group analysis, and we came up with a strategy to ensure that we could reach the right audience.

We had concluded that the best way to succeed in this project is to start a campaign on Facebook and Instagram. At first, Ernst Adviesgroep BV was skeptical about our plan, and we understood that. They thought that their target audience wasn’t going to be on these platforms. However, we already have had good experiences finding large company owners through these platforms.

Entrepreneurs and start-up business owners often think that their target audience can only be reached on LinkedIn. Yes, you can get your ideal target audience on that platform but, let’s be honest. How long and how often is an average entrepreneur go to LinkedIn and browse?

On top of that, it would cost a fortune to run ads on LinkedIn. With an average cost per click of 6 euros compared with Facebook and Instagram’s average cost per click of a euro, what will be more cost-effective for you?


The marketing hook that we had come up with that captured the attention of the companies that make our target audience was: “Free solar panels with SDE++ subsidy.”


We knew it would be challenging to reach the target audience that we were looking for. What we did is this: We thought of a way to narrow down the audiences that we need to get in touch with. In addition to that, we also made personalized ad copies for this specific audience so they would feel that their problems are being addressed and that we are here to provide solutions.

Using Facebook and Instagram’s ad targeting systems, we were able to run and show these ads and be seen by business owners who need Ernst Adviesgroep BV’s services.


We made sure that the first sentence of the ad includes the most important criteria on which Ernst Adviesgroep BV wants, and we formulated it this way:

“Do you have a roof that is larger than 250m²?”

We did it this way to make sure that we only attract people with a roof area of over 250m².

Aside from that, Ernst Adviesgroep BV had no desire to acquire private leads. To avoid that, we made it clear on the ads we run for them who these ads are intended to.

We also added additional questions in the lead form that would help us clarify how big the property is and if they are the owner of said property. Doing it this way helped us ensure that the leads were top-tier leaders or decision-makers that could claim our offer without having to run it up the ladder.


It is often already decided that a client would close a deal with you if the landing page for your website is clear and concise. That’s the reason why we paid extra attention to the creation of the landing page for Ernst Adviesgroep BV.

In this part, we made sure that we immediately tell who the offer was for and why it would be valuable for them to leave their contact details for an offer. We wanted to leave no stone unturned. That’s why we tested several things before we found the perfect formula for acquiring quality leads for them.

With the review that they left us, we can accurately say that what we did for them was very effective.

The results were outstanding!

The result of what we did exceed their expectations. We were able to get the advertising budget per lead to less than 4 euros. With this, the salespeople at Ernst Adviesgroep BV receive 300 warm leads a month for only 1,200 euros.

This may sound too good to be true, but it happened!

They expect to convert at least 10% of the leads into customers. With that said, they would close 30 sales with an average order between 10,000 to 40,000 euros per customer.

This is the power of online advertising if done the right way.

Average cost per lead of €4

300 warm leads per month

Lead conversion at an average of 10%

Bela Ernst


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