Veronique’s business is helping people find what they are good at and helping them find the right career.

She is an expert at what she does. The only problem is that she doesn’t know how to attract a large group of new clients to her business.

Veronique also wanted to offer her coaching services entirely online because of the pandemic and for the safety of her clients. Aside from that, she wants to run her business remotely to cross out one of her ultimate goals of moving to Spain to enjoy its sunny weather.

Our approach


Now that we have found her target audience, the next step we need to do is to get those people on her landing page. We created an enticing “hook” to make this happen.

Someone who wants to change jobs can often be found full of uncertainties; that’s why we have come up with a hook that says: “Schedule an appointment for a free career consultation.” Requests and messages flooded her after we ran this hook.

However, we noticed that the hook is non-committal. That prevented her business from maximizing the conversion of the leads.

It’s a good thing that we realized this sooner than later. We collected more data and started looking for more solutions to ensure that the leads coming in were totally warm. We ran a retargeting campaign and changed the hook to: “Doesn’t your current job feel right anymore? Let me help you.”

The second hook we came up with was clearer. It indicated that people interested eneeded to fill out the form to get more information about her service.


A landing page that converts is necessary for Veronique’s business. She is self-employed, and with that said, she has limited time to follow up on her leads. That’s why the leads she receives must be warm.

Leads became warmer as we made daily adjustments to the texts on her landing page. We noticed that it isn’t working very well when we give a lot of information. Visitors become less inclined to leave their details, resulting in more expensive leads.

After adjusting the texts on the website several times, we have come up with the “winning copy,” and we used that until Veronique’s business could run by itself.

The results was amazing!

We are now currently generating a low-cost lead generation process that provides warm leads for Veronique’s business.

She’s now in Spain and handles her business completely online.

Consistent meer dan 300 warme leads voor de accountmanagers per maand

Veronique Cobbaert

Career counselor & self-employed entrepreneur

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