NL Solar Panels is an organization that supports the Netherlands by helping achieve its sustainable and renewable energy goals. They do this by assisting consumers in North Holland to install solar panels in their homes.

They distinguish themselves as the best in the market by delivering excellent quality of work. They also assist customers in reclaiming the VAT on their solar panels once installed.

Before starting the campaign, Wout, their co-owner, was thinking twice about doing business with us. They thought whether our strategy would work and the leads we could provide would be warm enough to profit from it. They gave us a chance to prove ourselves, and we delivered.

Our approach


Implementing the correct strategy is essential for the success of this campaign. We knew that it would be challenging to get visitors to leave their details on the company’s landing page if we could not create a compelling hook to grab their attention.

We thought of another selling point for their product aside from the product itself. This is because the quality of a solar panel can only be seen once it’s already installed, and we can’t use that as a hook. Instead, we focused on the reimbursement of the VAT.

The text “We arrange the complete VAT refund” helped us catch the attention of consumers. It’s unique, measurable, and gives value to a consumer’s expenses.


NL Zonnepanelen wanted us to use their own landing page for the campaign. We added additional conversion-optimizing changes to make it more effective.


We tested different images, texts, and target groups in the first week. We focused on collecting data needed to see what would work on the campaign and what would not.

NL Zonnepanelen holds a high standard for its leads. Aside from needing a visitor’s contact details, they also need additional information that would require more time for a visitor to fill out.

These questions included, “How long has it been since you wanted to install solar panels?”, “How big is your roof?”, “What is your average energy consumption?”, “What kind of roof do you have?” This approach ensured that the leads that came on were a lot warmer. Aside from that, sales tigers from NL Solar Panel’s team already have more information about the visitor before contacting them.

We had a challenging start. A warm lead costs 40 euros, but we know that it could be much cheaper in the long run.


We were able to gain insight from various strategies we had tested in the first month. This allowed us to get an average cost of 25 euros per warm lead come the second month, but this isn’t good enough for us.

We believe that we could do more to provide the lowest possible lead price for our clients.

By the end of the third month, we managed to get to an average cost of 15 euros per warm lead, and by then, we started to receive a monthly advertising budget of 2,700 euros from NL Zonnepanelen.

We make sure that their salespeople receive warm leads every day that they can get in touch with right away. Aside from that, we also make sure that they help their potential customers in the best way possible.

The results were unbelievable!

We currently generate 180 warm leads per month for NL Zonnepanelen. The average conversion amounts to 10-15% for the installation of solar panels with a value between 2,000 – 4,000 euros.

We generate 180 warm leads per month on average

Average conversion rate of 10-15%

With an average order value of €2,000 to €4,000!

Wout Stigter


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